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Women Slimming Sauna Vest Shirt Body Shaper Waist Trainer Sweat Corset with Zipper Gym Fitness Tank Top Sport Vest Weight Loss

Women Slimming Sauna Vest Shirt Body Shaper Waist Trainer Sweat Corset with Zipper Gym Fitness Tank Top Sport Vest Weight Loss

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1.Thermal cycle sweating:

The inner layer of silver nanofilm adopts a new generation of thermal radiation sweating technology, which transfers the heat generated by exercise to various parts of the human body, forming a thermal cycle. Thus achieving a ten fold sweating effect. The silver film gathers and reflects heat to prevent heat dissipation. Due to its benefits in fitness and fat burning, body temperature rises in a short period of time, and sweat glands are activated to expel more sweat.

2. Compression molding :

The outer layer is made of wrinkle resistant elastic polyester fiber, which is professional and not easily deformed. The 4-way stretch design supports free movement of the body during intense sports. Moderate compression force can also allow you to exhibit graceful movements. Abdominal fat can be easily placed under a sauna suit to tighten the waistline. This sports vest can become your ideal waist shaping coach.

3. Easy to wear:

The upgraded U-shaped front with zipper makes Sportswear easy to wear and take off. Even if you sweat profusely during intense exercise, there is no need to worry that sticky sweat can cause clothes to stick to your body and prevent you from taking them off smoothly. In addition, it is matched with the top buckle design to prevent the sauna vest from moving around and provide better fixation and support for your weight loss exercise. Paired with sports bras or shirts, you can never ignore this sports assistant!

4. Comfortable Weight Loss:

Environmentally friendly fabrics give you a comfortable wearing feeling without irritating the skin. Vest provides back support for your exercise and avoids Sports injury caused by incorrect posture. Scientific weight loss promotes sweating and detoxification, achieving the goal of weight loss while maintaining health. It is suitable for various occasions, such as postpartum, jogging, fitness, and fat burning exercises.

.5Precautions before wearing:

Due to limited space during transportation, the product you receive may have a slight odor, which is a normal phenomenon. We suggest that you clean the close fitting waist trainer before wearing it, as the odor will immediately dissipate. Our Sportswear is completely environmentally friendly, so please feel free to use it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with satisfactory after-sales service.

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